Gray Academy Uniforms – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Our uniform has arrived, and some pieces don’t fit. What should we do?

A. If you need a different size in any of the items you have ordered, please contact Top Marks directly. They will be happy to help you through the exchange process.

Q. Do we need to order all of the items on the list?

A. Not at all. The list is designed to provide options in each category. Choose items your child(ren) will feel comfortable wearing in various seasons throughout the school year. You may want to include some variety, if they like to have a different look from time to time.

Q. Do all uniform items need to be purchased from Top Marks?

A. Socks, tights, and shoes do not need to be purchased from Top Marks, but they do need to meet the colour requirements outlined in our uniform policy. All other uniform items must be ordered from Top Marks. Note that the Gray Academy Parent Association (GAPA) also holds a Pre-Loved Uniform sale every fall. This sale offers excellent opportunities to purchase gently used items at deeply discounted prices.

Q. What is the proper skort/kilt length?

A. The school uniform is meant to be modest and respectful. Minimum skort or kilt length is just above the knee. (When the hem starts creeping up to mid-thigh, it’s time to lengthen or go up a size!) If you choose to have a skort or kilt hemmed, you will wan to leave sufficient hem remaining for growth in height.

Q. Can my child wear a Raiders hoodie to school?

A. Only High School students are permitted to wear Raiders hoodies. This is a special privilege many students look forward to in Grade 7! Hoodies may only be worn over an approved uniform shirt.

Q. Who is the right person to contact with questions/feedback about uniforms?

A. Questions about sizing, ordering, exchanging or caring for uniform items should be directed to Top Marks at 1.800.667.7105 x 239, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Questions about uniform requirements and policies should be directed to your principal:

Joyce Kerr, Elementary Principal
Tracy White, High School Principal