"For Jews, education is not just what we know, it's who we are."

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

As Western Canada’s only JK-Grade 12 Jewish day school, Gray Academy provides unparalleled opportunities for students to learn and grow in an environment of academic excellence framed by Jewish culture, community, ethics and values. Our rich, values-based, multilingual program empowers students of all ages to thrive academically, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, in and out of the classroom.

A Unique Blend of General and Judaic Studies

In Elementary, concepts of General and Judaic studies are woven together throughout the learning day in creative ways that inspire critical thinking, collaboration, spiritual growth and community building. Elementary students also enjoy classes in Phys Ed, Music, Art, French and Guidance interspersed throughout their schedule.

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High School students’ schedules are comprised of a balance of General and Judaic subjects throughout the day, including mandatory courses and a broad range of electives students choose for themselves. Our High School environment balances a strong academic program with exceptional opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

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Following the Manitoba curriculum

For General Studies, Gray Academy follows Manitoba Education’s Curriculum for every grade. The provincial curricula for all general studies courses, by grade and subject, can be reviewed online at My Child In School.

Enriching with Jewish Learning

Judaic studies at Gray Academy complement the provincial curriculum by providing students with age-specific opportunities to develop their own sense of spirituality, Jewish identity and critical thinking. While studying Hebrew, prayer, tanach, Jewish holidays, Jewish history and Israel, students are called upon to develop their English language arts skills, along with their knowledge in social studies, geography, arts, music, science and world history.

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