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A100-123 Doncaster St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 2B4

204.477.7410 (phone)
204.477.7474 (fax)



Lori Binder Head of School & CEO: 204.477.7425

Tracy White, High School Principal: 204.477.7472

Joyce Kerr, Elementary School Principal: 204.477.7409

Rob Dalgliesh, Director of Teaching and Learning: 204.477.7456

Ronit Amihude, Director of Teaching and Innovation:204.477.7483


Judi Price-Rosen, Director of Admissions: 204.477.7489

Marketing and Communications

Andrea Ritter, Director of Marketing and Communications: 204.477.7488


Judy Doctoroff, Educational Technology Consultant: 204-477-7415

Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education Office

Lori Binder, Head of School & WBJE CEO: 204.477.7425

Lisa Boroditsky, Executive Assistant to Head of School & CEO: 204.477.7425

Elementary and High School Office Staff

Angela Northam, Head Secretary: 204.477.7410

Ira Verkhlin, Head Secretary and Accountant Assistant: 204.477.7410

Sophia Danakas, Secretary: 204.477.7410

Finance Office

Janice Brigden, Accountant & Registrar: 204.477.7482 (for parental contribution and payment inquiries)

Carlos Benesdra, Chief Financial Officer: 204.477.7402

We look forward to hearing from you!