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We want you to feel the warmth and wonder of our school with a personalized experience you just can't get from an open house event. Talk to us, visit with us, connect with us your way. See for yourself how we nurture and care for every student who comes through our doors - academically, socially, emotionally and Jewishly. Enrollment for 2022-23 opens February 14. We welcome you to explore Gray.... YOUR way.

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For Our Families

While much of your child's education takes place in the classroom, parents and families are vital partners in supporting each child's learning goals and well-being at school and at home. Our password-protected Family Portal is your go-to resource for school calendars, lunch programs, staff contacts, uniform info and more.

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The Legacies Project

Since the 1950s, thousands of students, children and grandchildren have attended Gray Academy and our founding schools - Talmud Torah, IL Peretz Folk School, Ramah Hebrew School and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate. If you ever attended, we invite you take part in The Legacies Project, connecting alumni with each other and with our school today. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your school experiences and where you are now.

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