Requirements and Options

At Gray Academy, all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 are required to come to school each day dressed in uniform. Throughout the year, students are permitted to wear outfits of their choice on special Spirit Days and Casual Day for a Cause. Students look forward to Casual Day for a Cause, the third Friday of every month.

There are uniform requirements and options for:

  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-6
  • Grades 7-12

Click here to see uniform requirements for Kindergarten, Elementary and High School.


Ordering Uniforms

Gray Academy uniforms are ordered by each family directly from Top Marks, a Montreal-based company that supplies independent schools nationwide.

IMPORTANT INFO: Click here for important information you need to order uniforms for next year.

Need some help selecting sizes? Take a look at our Gray Academy Uniform Sizing Chart.

Pre-Loved Uniforms

We are very pleased to provide Gray Academy families with a convenient online form to request gently used uniform pieces at substantial discount prices. All proceeds from Pre-Loved Uniform sales go to the Gray Academy Parent Association (GAPA) to support valued programming at the school. Please note that our ability to fulfill requests is based on availability.

Submit your request: Click here to request Pre-Loved Uniform pieces.

Pics and Pricing: Click here for pricing on all Pre-Loved Uniform items.

Have items to donate? We’d be very pleased to take them! Items in great condition will be made available to other families. We can even recycle torn, stained or otherwise unusable items, keeping them out of the landfill. Contact us to arrange drop off.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Gray Academy Uniforms.