Since the 1960s, thousands of students have gained essential knowledge, celebrated Jewish life and formed lifelong connections with peers, teachers and Jewish identity through their experiences at Winnipeg Jewish day schools.

The vibrant Gray Academy community of today is built upon our 26-year history at the Asper Jewish Community Campus, together with the long legacy of our founding schools - Talmud Torah, IL Peretz Folk School, Ramah Hebrew School and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate. We are very proud to have children and grandchildren of alumni at Gray Academy now, a wonderful legacy for our community.

Where Are You Now?

Thanks to a grant from the Government of Manitoba, we have obtained funding to undertake The Legacies Project. The project aims to collect alumni contact and profile information, which will allow us to build and maintain vital connections among alumni worldwide.

If you attended Gray Academy or any of our founding schools, you are a part of our legacy. Whether you are a recent graduate or decades out of school; whether you live in Winnipeg or across the globe, please take just a few moments to let us know about your experiences at school and where your life path has taken you since.

The information you provide to us will be used to:

  • keep in contact with you from time to time about what’s happening within our school community;
  • let you know about upcoming school events, reunions and opportunities to get involved;
  • provide ways for alumni to connect with each other and with the school.

Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared without your express permission.

Access our Legacies Project Alumni Information form now: