Gray Academy’s Debate and Public Speaking program has gained a stellar reputation as one of the best in Canada.

We start early. Starting in Grade 6, Gray Academy students begin learning the fundamentals of speech writing and speaking in front of a crowd.

We take it to the next level. Debate and Public Speaking is an elective course for students who want to enrich their skills in researching topics, preparing persuasive arguments and presenting to a crowd with compelling style.

We compete against the best. At the High School level, our award-winning students take part in local, national and international competitions throughout the school year. Gray Academy teams have travelled to Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Cape Town South Africa and more. Gray Academy also proudly hosts the annual Asper Cup and other competitions throughout the year.

We have a top notch coach. Our Debate and Public Speaking program is proudly led by teacher and coach Andrew Kaplan (pictured above with his students), who also serves as vice president of the Manitoba Speech and Debate Association.

We share skills and knowledge. In the spirit of enriching the field for all Manitoba students, Gray Academy is proud to offer Summer Debate Camp, a fun, skill-building experience for beginners who want to get started and for seasoned debaters who want to take their skills to the next level.