Elementary and high school students at Gray Academy have many opportunities to get involved in school life. Athletics, debate and public speaking, arts, trips and weekends away, and more keep students engaged and learning. At Gray, students can be involved in as many activities as they would like. The school makes sure that students aren’t turned away from activities that they want to be a part of. Starting in Grade 6, students can join the basketball and track teams. Also in Grade 6, all students are enrolled in debate and public speaking. In high school, it becomes an elective course and students compete for spots in competitions all over the world. Elementary students have one or two art classes per cycle (depending on the grade). High school students take art as an elective. A highlight of the year is the annual art fair where students sell their art and share the profits with a charity of their choice.

To learn more about the school life at Gray Academy, read this section or call our Director of Admissions, Judi Price-Rosen at 204.477.7489 or jrosen@grayacademy.ca.