The arts are a big part of the culture at Gray Academy. Starting in Junior Kindergarten, students perform, sing, dance, create art, and more. As students grow up, they have the opportunity to explore their artistic sides through art class, music, participating in the elementary and high school musicals, milestone programs, to just name a few. Our grads have gone on to win Juno awards, run Hollywood studios, cook for presidents and prime ministers, and act on the big and small screens. At Gray Academy, we nurture all interests of our students and encourage them to follow their passions.


Starting in Junior Kindergarten and continuing through to Grade 6, students have art class every cycle. In high school, art becomes an option and students explore modalities of art that interest them. This includes photography, painting, and sculpting. High school art students also have the opportunity to make the school more beautiful by creating murals in classrooms and hallways.

Band and Drumline

Starting in Grade 4 and continuing through high school, students can choose to join the school band and/or drumline programs. Under the direction of our band teacher, Mr. David Hasselfield, students choose an instrument and learn the fundamentals of music. There are three levels of the band program, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

The drumline program teaches students the rudiments of drumming and is one of the most popular programs at Gray Academy. 

Both band and drumline take place after school from Mondays to Thursdays. 


Gray Academy has a long tradition of staging incredible musicals for the community. High school and elementary alternate years and students learn how to sing, dance, and act. In elementary, students in Grade 5 and 6 audition and are assigned roles for the musical production. All Grade 7-12 students are eligible to audition for the high school musicals.

Yom Ha’Atzmaut Song Festival

For the past 46 years, Gray Academy, and Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate before it, has put on the Yom Ha’Aztmaut Song Festival. This is a musical competition where students as young as Grade 5 write their own songs and lyrics and perform them with a band of professional musicians.