A Gray Academy education is woven through with meaningful milestone programs that celebrate student growth, enrich Jewish learning and build memories that last a lifetime.

Elementary Celebrations

Families are invited to celebrate their children’s learning at every level.

Junior Kindergarten JK Celebration
Kindergarten Family Kabbalat Shabbat and “Graduation,” celebrating students’ learning and their advancement to Elementary
Grade 1 Chaggigat HaSiddur, children receive their own siddur (prayer book) and celebrate learning about prayer and spirituality
Grade 2 Chaggigat HaTorah, celebrating the start of students’ journey into the stories and wisdom of our Torah
Grade 3 Virtual Voyage to Israel, teaching students about our Jewish homeland with an elaborate imaginary trip
Grade 4 Torah Siyyum Celebration
Grade 5 Kabbalat Shabbat; Overnight at Camp Massad
Grade 6 Shabbaton, celebrating a full Shabbat together at school; Grade 6 Year-end Celebration

High School Programs

High School milestones programs provide unique opportunities for students to enrich their learning and bond with classmates.

Grade 7 Outdoor Education Overnight at BB Camp Kenora
Grade 8 Spirit Weekend in Gimli, MB
Grade 9 – Spirit Weekend in Gimli, MB; Holocaust Studies Trip to Washington DC
Grade 10 Jewish Awareness Retreat; Youth in Philanthropy Program
Grade 11 – Jewish Awareness Retreat
Grade 12 – Jewish Awareness Retreat; High School Graduation