There's more to learning than books and assignments! While we're all at home, it's more important than ever to keep busy and get moving with fun and challenging activities.

Check out all our Play of the Day videos. Are you up for the challenge?? Show your stuff by sharing your photos and videos!

Mr. N’s Twist n’ Shout

If you thought he was good with TP, check out Mr N’s mad skill with paper towel!

The One-handed Card Cut with Dr. Coodin

Impress your friends and family! Learn how to cut a deck of cards like a pro.


Can you go 500 Miles with Mr. N??

Mr N reminds everyone to take breaks throughout the day for healthy activity… and don’t forget to replace the roll!!

Number Doodles: Make a Face with HaMoreh Marcelo!

Learn to Juggle with Dr. Coodin!

Check out 3 simple videos, and learn a fun skill you can practise at home. Here’s Part 1 of 3… see the rest on Gray Academy’s YouTube channel.


Are you up for the Thunderstruck Challenge with Mr. N?

The hand is quicker than the elbow! Try Dr. Coodin’s Elbow Flip trick.

Mr. N’s Cha Cha Plank Challenge

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