Keeping our students and families informed and up to date is the cornerstone of Gray Away. Here you can access all Gray Away news, past communications, instructions and additional resources to help you navigate remote learning tools and processes successfully.

Gray Away News

What’s New in Gray Away 2.0

  • Enhanced schedules – more live teaching and structured activities, optimizing the balance of live sessions and individual work time
  • Consolidated access – the Gray Away website will be the primary access point for daily schedules, details and programs
  • Classes with specialists – adding new learning opportunities from Specialists (art, phys ed, French, music, etc.)
  • Expanded student support – more services to support all students and families while we navigate learning at home
  • Greater expectations – all teachers will be clear about expectations of daily assignments and due dates


All students need a web-enabled device to access live classes, resources and online tools – a laptop, home computer, iPad or iPhone can be used.

Through generous donations, the school has obtained additional Chromebooks, which we can make available for families who do not otherwise have access to a device. If you need of a device, please contact Judy Doctoroff at

If you are interested in sponsoring the school’s acquisition of additional technology, please contact Lisa Boroditsky at or by phone at 204-477-7425. We appreciate your consideration in supporting additional needs for families at this time.

Gray Away Cafe

On April 2, we hosted our second Gray Away Café for parents online, focusing on what’s next for Gray Away. Click here to access a transcript of the session.