Keeping our students and families informed and up to date is the cornerstone of Gray Away. Here you can access Gray Away news, instructions and resources to help you navigate Gray Away remote learning successfully.

What to Expect in Gray Away

  • Consolidated access – the Gray Away website is the primary access point for daily schedules, timetables, details and programs.
  • Modified schedules for Elementary – varied class durations and more breaks in the learning day help to optimize the balance of live classes and individual work time, while ensuring young eyes have time away from their screens.
  • Status quo for High School schedules – our regular class schedules and timetables have been designed specifically to ensure a seamless transition between in-school and remote learning for students in Grades 7 – 12.
  • Classes with specialists – students will continue their classes with Specialists (Art, Phys Ed, French, Music, etc.)
  • Expanded student support – support is available for all students and families while we navigate learning remotely from home.
  • Greater expectations – all teachers will be clear about expectations of daily assignments and due dates.

Rules to Remember

  • All students are to be online on time and ready to learn before classes begin.
  • Students must have their camera on and microphone on mute, unless the teacher has asked specifically for microphones to be turned on.
  • Students are not required to wear a uniform, but they must be dressed appropriately – no PJs!
  • Students are to be seated in a proper workspace, with all books and supplies at hand – no working in bed or on the floor!
  • We encourage all students to keep a water bottle nearby, but snacks and lunches are to be eaten during breaks only.
  • While learning at home, all students are expected to behave respectfully and participate actively – just as they would in the classroom.
  • We’re all in this together! Be kind, be patient.


  • All students need a web-enabled device to access live classes, resources and online tools – a laptop, home computer or tablet.
  • Students in Grades 3-6 should use their school Chromebook.
  • The school has a limited number of additional Chromebooks, which we can make available for families who do not otherwise have access to a device. If you need of a device, please contact Judy Doctoroff at
  • If your child experiences challenges with links or logging into classes, please contact our Education Technology Advisor, Judy Doctoroff, for support.

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