Welcome to Gray Away for Grades 1 & 2! Here you'll find the schedule, daily agenda, teacher contacts, resources and more.

Check Seesaw for updates, photos and videos from your teachers.

Remember, if you have questions or need a hand with work, your teachers are available to help.

A Schedule for Grade 1 & 2

Parents: please check your email and open Seesaw for your child(ren) daily for messages, activities, photos and videos from your teachers.

Following is an example of a daily schedule to help young learners maintain their connection to school.  Students are not expected to follow it exactly; it’s a guideline to give needed structure and routine to each child’s day.

8:15 – 8:55 Get Ready to Start Your Day!

  1. Wake up
  2. Get dressed
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Organize your “desk”
9:00  Anthems and Announcements – brought to you by HaMorah Joyce!

Open Seesaw – open your app for messages from the classroom teacher, including suggested activities for daily learning and fun

9:10  T’Fillah

Morning focus time – together with parents/caregivers, students can think about what their classroom teacher has sent via Seesaw and plan: “What will I do today?”

9:20 Work and activities – a math/ELA/science/social studies task recommended by your teacher
10:00 Snack time!“Cleaning up after myself “ time
10:15 Work and activities – a math/ELA/science/social studies task recommended by your teacher
10:55 “Cleaning up after myself” time

Storytime – read or listen

Recess – get outside for some fresh air!

11:15 Work and activities – choose a teacher-recommended Music/Phys Ed/French/Art/Library/STEAM activity
Lunch  Eat a healthy lunch and get moving – go outside, or use GoNoodle/Mind Yeti; check Seesaw for more suggestions from your Phys Ed teachers
12:45 Gr 2: Birkat Hamazon


1:00-3:30 Repeat your morning schedule with:

a Torah/aleph-bet/Pesach-related activity recommended by your teacher    

a teacher-recommended Music/French/art/library/STEAM activity