Priority re-enrollment for current students and siblings who are new to Gray Academy is now closed. With re-enrollment now at more than 86%, we urge all current families to re-enroll as soon as possible to secure your placement for 2021-2022.

If You Missed the Feb 5 Deadline, Re-Enroll Today!

The re-enrollment process

  • Priority (re-)enrollment closed at 4:30 p.m. Friday, February 5.
  • General Enrollment for new families is open Monday, February 8 – Friday, February 22.
  • Spaces are filling quickly, and we can not hold spaces for you. If you haven’t done so already, please re-enroll as soon as possible!
  • The (re-)enrollment process should take less than 10 minutes per child.
  • When you are done filling in all re-enrollment information for each child, please don’t forget to hit “SUBMIT” to complete your submission.
  • Your re-enrollment form(s) and payment for deposit(s) and student fee(s) will be reviewed by the school to make sure all information is correct and payment has been processed.
  • You will receive an email for each child, confirming placement for 2021-2022.

NEW: late fees will apply!

  • For the first time, a late fee of $150 will apply to re-enrollments received after February 22.
  • late fee of $250 will apply to re-enrollments received after March 25.
  • Late fees are over and above the Parental Contribution.

Bursary Assistance

  • The Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education remains committed to ensuring no child is turned away because of a family’s inability to pay the full Parental Contribution.
  • Click here to access information and applications for needs-based Bursary Assistance.
  • Links to the application forms for needs-based bursaries will be available to you on the confirmation page once your (re-)enrollment form is submitted.
  • The deadline for Bursary Assistance applications for the 2021-2022 school year is Thursday, March 25, 2021.
  • Bursary Assistance applications will only be processed for families who have completed all steps in the (re-)enrollment process, including submission of the form and payment of the deposit and student fee for each child.

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How do I get started with my re-enrollment?
You will need a unique code called a snapcode to re-enroll each child. A unique snapcode has been sent in a separate email for each current students.

What is the snapcode?
The snapcode is like a key to your child’s re-enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. You will need a unique snapcode link for each child you wish to re-enroll.

How do I access my re-enrollment account? 
When you click the snapcode link, you will be directed to PowerSchool, our online student (re-)enrollment system. You will land on a screen asking you for your username and password.

Your user name is the email address you used for enrollment last year. Even if your email has changed, please use the email you used to enroll last year. Once you have signed into PowerSchool, you can click on your initials in the upper right corner of your screen to change your enrollment email for future use.

If you have any trouble recalling your password, you can use the “Forgot my password” function. Please use the same account to re-enroll multiple children, if applicable. If you need to pause during the process, all the information you have entered will be saved securely, and you can return to it later.

Do I have to complete all the fields?
All fields that you must fill in are marked as “Required.” You will not be able to proceed to the next screen until all required fields are completed.

What if I make a mistake?
Please note that the information you input in PowerSchool is the exact information we will have on file at school for your child. Please take care to enter all information correctly. If you are concerned that you made an error or would like to make a change, click on the underlined field or click “Prev” to return to a previous page.

What if I have more than one child to re-enroll?
You will need to use a unique snapcode, and complete a separate form for each child. Please submit one re-enrollment at a time. The good news is, if you are re-enrolling another child (or enrolling a sibling for the first time), all of the family information common to both children will be populated for you, saving you time and effort.

If you are enrolling a new student for the first time, you do not need a snapcode. You can access enrollment from the “Confirmation” page after re-enrolling your other child(ren) OR from your Powerschool dashboard (upper right corner of the screen).

I’ve completed the re-enrollment form, now what?
When you have finished entering all the required your information, click “SUBMIT.” This action will send your completed form(s) to the school. If you are not able to click “SUBMIT,” please check to make sure you have completed all required fields throughout the form.

Once all (re-)enrollment forms are submitted, the next step is to pay the $400 deposit(s) and $120 student fee (for each child).

How do I pay my deposits and student fees?
You can pay the $400 deposit and $120 student fee per child by cheque, e-transfer or credit card.

If you choose to pay by e-transfer, email to: Please add the name(s) of all children you are paying for in the “Notes” section.

Please note that if you choose to pay your deposit(s) and student fee(s), fees will apply. These fees are applied by our third-party payment processor and your credit card company.

Be sure to re-enroll by 4:30 p.m. Friday, February 5 to secure your child’s spot! Enrollment for the general community opens Monday, February 8.

More Questions?

About re-enrollment: If you have questions not answered here, please contact our Director of Admissions, Judi Price Rosen anytime during the re-enrollment period.

Technical issues: if you are experiencing technical challenges with your (re-)enrollment, please contact us, providing as much detail as possible about the issue you are encountering.

Financial questions: If you have questions about payments, deposits or other finance-related matters, please contact our Finance Office.

Todah Rabah!

Thank you, once again, for choosing Gray Academy and for entrusting us with the care and education of your children. We look forward to seeing your re-enrollment in the weeks ahead!