Academics at Gray Academy

The mission of Gray Academy is to prepare students to reach their full potential as empowered global citizens by providing educational excellence framed by Jewish identity, community, and values. As a result, the Gray Academy places equal value on the Judaic and general studies academic programs.

Our outcome-based curriculum allows students to learn in an environment that is focused on skill development and preparedness for their next stages in life. In addition to literacy and numeracy, Gray Academy has identified four ‘Skills for the Future’ that are essential for today’s learners (the 4 Cs):

  1. Creativity
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Communication
  4. Collaboration

With all these elements in mind, educators at Gray Academy create innovative lessons meant to engage students in general and Judaic content and develop the learning skills necessary.

The provincial curricula for all general studies course can be reviewed online at My Child In School. On this website, you can view curricular overviews by subject and grade level. For a more in-depth look at the curricular outcomes and standards please visit Manitoba Education’s Curriculum Page and search by subject. The unique Judaic studies curriculum developed by Gray Academy is the perfect counterpart to the provincial curriculum because of its focus on the development of critical thinking. While each Judaic studies course has unique learning outcomes attached to it (content specific), they all share a number of skills-based outcomes with the provincial English language arts and social studies curricula. Essentially, through the study of Judaically focused content, students are given ample opportunity to practice the six language arts of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing*.

*A Gray Academy education does not, “cram a full-day provincial curriculum into a half day with loads of Judaic studies courses on top.” Rather, it artfully intertwines both programs, creating a full day of robust learning and deep, critical thinking opportunities. It provides “educational excellence framed by Jewish identity, community, and values.”