Successful organizations think and act strategically. Gray Academy of Jewish Education is no exception. Having a thoughtful and informed Strategic Plan helps guide our decision-making. It informs our decisions about how to teach, how to organize ourselves, how to hire, how to play a role in the community, and how to excel.

In 2015, the Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education (WBJE) launched a bold new five-year Strategic Plan. Its development was informed by significant input from our school community, including our students, parents, board members and staff.

The Plan provides a framework for decision making, goal setting, evaluation and ongoing evolution based on four key goals:

1. Strengthening Community Perception

2. Attracting and Retaining Families

3. Securing Sustainability and Community Support

4. An Enhanced Culture of Innovation

To read more about each of these goals in detail, view our Strategic Plan:


Looking ahead, we have extended the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. WBJE Focus to 2020 will guide our work over the next two years.

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