The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is a community of independent schools who choose to meet and exceed rigorous National Standards that inspire continuous whole-school improvement. CAIS accreditation means families can expect the best when they choose a Gray Academy education for their children.


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Gray Academy’s Accreditation

  • Leadership –¬† in 2004, Gray Academy became the first Jewish day school in Canada and the second school in Manitoba to be accredited by CAIS.
  • Community – today, Gray Academy is one of 51 independent¬† schools Manitoba and one of 90 independent schools across Canada accredited by CAIS.
  • Intensive review – the CAIS accreditation process, which typically takes place every seven years, combines a rigorous internal self-assessment and an intensive external peer review.

Accreditation Matters to Our Families

  • Assuring the highest standards – CAIS accreditation assures students and their families that Gray Academy meets or exceeds a set of 12 National Standards in its education programs, operations, school culture, support systems for students and much more.
  • Alignment – the process ensures Gray Academy’s practices are aligned with our mission, vision, commitments and strategic goals.
  • Accountability – CAIS accreditation demonstrates Gray Academy’s ongoing commitment to self-evaluation, whole-school improvement and accountability to our students, staff, board and community.
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The Accreditation Process

  • The timeline – CAIS Accreditation is usually a 12 to 18 month process that includes development of an extensive Internal Evaluation Report.
  • The work – our internal evaluation includes intensive discussions, research and data collection, as we seek to answer detailed questions about the 12 CAIS National Standards.
  • The review – The Internal Evaluation Report is provided to a CAIS Review Committee prior to an in-person visit to the school (this time virtually) to observe the school’s practices in action.
  • The report – Once the visit is completed, the committee develops a Peer Review Report and School Improvement Action Plan, with specific recommendations for actionable improvements.
  • The accreditation decision – the Peer Review Report and School Improvement Action Plan are provided to the CAIS Evaluation Council, which then advises the CAIS Board on its findings and a decision on accreditation.
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We’re Currently in the Cycle

  • Our third cycle -right now, Gray Academy is undergoing its third CAIS accreditation process.
  • A deep dive into self-assessment – since Fall 2018, we have taken a deep dive into self-assessment, with substantial input from members of the Gray Academy leadership team; faculty and non-teaching staff; students; community members; and members of the Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education.
  • This time it’s virtual – originally scheduled as an in-person review in Fall 2020, our accreditation process was delayed by a full year by the pandemic. Our accreditation “visit” is taking place this month, via Zoom.
  • More than two years in the making – in anticipation of our Fall 2020 review date, we began our preparatory work in the spring of 2019.

What’s Next

  • Following our last CAIS accreditation in 2012, we received recommendations in the form of a a detailed School Improvement Action Plan.
  • These recommendations became the foundation for our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, which guided significant advancements for our school over the past six years.
  • We will use the recommendations we receive from our 2021 accreditation process to build our next strategic plan, which will continue to drive whole-school improvement in the areas of strategic direction, education and operations.